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10/10/2020 Plant-Based Power Expo

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Details about the Expo:

The Plant-Based Power Expo (its official title) will be held on Saturday 10/10/2020 in Mt. Airy at New Covenant Sanctuary, 7500 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA  19119.  The Expo will be FREE to the public, for maximum accessibility. The Sanctuary has room for—YES!–1,800 people!  You read that right!  We are hoping to register at least 1,000 people, and if we get more, fantastic!  We now have ONE YEAR to build the energy and promote this life-changing event for the city and the region!  The pre-party Friday night and after-party on Saturday are already in the works, to celebrate our co-creators and collaborators in style (hopefully, YOU!)

Our keynote speaker is Michael Greger, MD, Medical Director of the Human Society and author of “How Not to Die,” and “How Not to Diet.”  Dr. Greger is also the  creator of the website and podcast.  We are recruiting other speakers as well, so if you have ideas for speakers and  programming, we welcome them.  We will be having planning meetings one time/month for the next few months, and then more frequently.  These are planned to be held at Milo Meetinghouse in Mt. Airy, Philadelphia’s newest (and largest) 100% plant based restaurant.  If you are interested in playing any role in the creation of the Expo, no matter how small, please come to one of these meetings to share your thoughts, or simply let me know how best to include you in our the planning process.  Most importantly, reply to this email with “please include me” in the subject line, and we’ll be sure to put you on the list of those we’ll be including and updating as the months go by.

Here are more specifics about the Expo:

The Plant-Based Power Expo is dedicated and designed to educate as many people as possible about the benefits of a whole foods plant-based diet, and provide the tools and resources needed to make this transition a reality for attendees.  In addition to the exciting information about the benefits of this lifestyle that will be presented, professionals who wish to support individuals wanting to make lifestyle changes will be invited to share information about their services, and will be invited to register as vendors  Unlike many gatherings about vegan food, this Expo specifically seeks to attract the most in need among us:  Many less affluent ethnic people/groups/minorities throughout the city and region either have the perception that a plant-based diet is cost prohibitive, too difficult, or is culturally simply not for them.  Consequently, they are disproportionately saddled with heart disease, diabetes and cancer–chronic diseases that can be prevented and in some cases reversed, with this lifestyle.  Without re-education in what the body truly needs to thrive, these individuals are tragic casualties in our broken food system.  The Expo will be FREE to everyone and anyone to have access to whole foods education and the ways that it can transform their life, health, family, and ultimately, the WORLD!

TOGETHER we can change the future of medicine, healthcare and the planet!  Please join us in doing so, as part of this historical event!

A short list of our needs at this time follows.  If you know of anyone, including YOU, who could help us fill these roles, please reply to this email, forward this email, or have them contact us. 

We’re seeking:

TECH SUPPORT: website builders, social media experts, videographers, and graphic designers.  WHO can help us get the word out in a BIG way?  We need this help ASAP to design a logo and create an awesome and organized website  We’ve already got a great website template that can lead the way.

VOLUNTEERS: individuals who’d help out on the day of to make sure everything goes smoothly, such as help with parking, greeters at the door, directors to organize the large crowd, registration, lunch service (to be provided), and clean up crew (mostly provided by our host).

VENDOR/SPONSOR TEAM: who can help us brainstorm, find and recruit vendors and sponsors who will add value to this event?  How to do outreach and present this opportunity to them in the best way?  Vendors and sponsors will be financing this event, so it can be provided for free to the public. 

YOUNG PEOPLE’s TEAM:  who can help us reach out to local universities/colleges/students—some of our most important attendees–as their education, political power and food choices will affect all of us for decades to come.  How do we engage, involve and benefit them?

GOODIE TEAM:  are there give aways/product samples that are out there that could be provided to attendees to enhance and add value to their experience?  How do we find these goodies and organize them to best effect?


We look forward to hearing from you and enjoying your enthusiasm for contributing this event!  It was conceived of and created with love by Elise Rivers of Community Acupuncture of Mt. Airy (CAMA), to benefit her fellow humans, the animals and the Earth.


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